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After moving into our new house, which was still under renovation, I felt completely overwhelmed by chaos. Eva came in with a cheerful smile, quickly surveyed our rooms and within minutes we were busy rearranging furniture, sorting out stuff and making decisions about where to hang paintings, etc. I felt complete relief and was amazed how simple some of her solutions were. She is brilliant!

Catherine Sinegal
American School in Paris parent

Eva has been extremely helpful in tidying up all my papers. She helped me to sort them out and file them away in several files that she had already prepared and equipped with dividers to distinguish between bills, health-related papers (social security, health assurance, medical files) or even home appliances manuals. Each file has a very precise purpose, and that is very helpful when I need to retrieve the documents.

Eva also helped me to organize my things better and to stop wasting time. Now, I no longer have to spend time looking for a document: I already know where it is. She has really made my life easier!

Fabiana, 20 years old
Communication Student

Dear Eva
I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support during our move. It was so overwhelming, but you made it much better! We are finally getting settled in our new « nest » and that feels good!


Dear Eva
Thank you for all the work you’ve done to make our move to Paris « seamless » Thank you for also being so nice and welcoming
Happy holidays

Karen & Steve

Tired of seeing piles of paper with no purpose? Are your closets bulging? Are you feeling completely overwhelmed? It’s time to take charge of your space with help of personal organizer, Eva Stattin. Many ASP parents swear that Eva’s chic style sense combined with her organizational expertise has changed their homes and their lives for the better.

American School of Paris

I knew for months that I really needed to go through my stuff and sort it out. I used a large space at my place to store too many things. Some of my suits, dresses and other clothes had been in there for THIRTY YEARS! I am serious!
I also knew that I needed support so that I could make decisions and really do the necessary selection. I called upon an outside help: Eva STATTIN.
We started in the early afternoon. I took my entire wardrobe and we went through each item of clothing. The result was sorted in to three piles:
1- Those that I keep
2- Those that I give (to Emmaüs, next to my place)
3- Those that I sell

Five hours later and after we had filled up five trash bags, you can imagine my happiness at finally being able to get rid of all the useless stuff that I hadn’t even worn for years. Eva helped me in all my choices, tactfully and effectively. It was a nice afternoon together, interrupted by several moments of giggles and hilarity.
I strongly advise everyone to call Eva and do the same thing. It is completely rejuvenating, and you get to make room in your cupboards.
EVA, see you again in 10 years?

Martine 54 years old
Marketing Manager

I was moving into a new place and I didn’t have the time to deal witheverything.
Eva came to my home; I told her the interior decoration of my dreams.
She took charge of buying my furniture. She was there to handle all the deliveries and to set everything up.
Ten days later, my apartment was completely furnished, decorated and arranged.
Everything was perfect, I loved it!

Charlotte 24 years
Project Manager

Dear Eva
Thank you for helping me prepare for the move and all your encouragement. I hope to be back in France soon.