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Are you drowning in clutter?
Are your cupboards a total mess?
Do you feel completely overwhelmed?
Are you unable to find anything in your ever increasing piles of papers?

You can stop worrying; a PERSONAL ORGANIZER is here to help you.

Her sixteen years in developing projects combining aestheticism and innovation make EVA STATTIN your best recourse. She will rearrange and optimize your storage and cupboard space through tailor-made solutions, appropriate to your lifestyle.

All those unfiled pieces of papers, forgotten letters of complaints or unanswered notifications. Will be sorted, processed, arranged and tidied up. All your problems will be sorted our and you can cheerfully get on with your life.

“I will first make a review of your space and assess your needs.
Then I will propose to you the most relevant arrangement and give you advice, tips and creative solutions”

Call today! 06 11 60 17 21
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